The Power of Open Source

You play with Open Source and let us help you!

About us

We are convinced that open source is the best solution for the industry and governments. Biggest business are already using and contributing to open source, the open source is a fact.

Our goal is to actively contribute to Open Source projects and to the Open Community. We maintain several projects and generating new Open Source Projects.

For this reason we know from the lines of code of the Open Source Softwares that we maintain, so who is better than us to help you with your project?.



We want to share our experience and we want to create the Open Source culture on the people and organizations, for that reason we are open to offer open-free-software-tools courses.

Build & Optimize

We have the knowledge from the lines of the code of the projects that we maintain. So we can help you to develop, build and optimize your projects. We have experiencies on Python, Javascript, C/C++, PHP and more ...


Develop a project is a hard and demanding task and take several hours of people. Maintain a project or package is still a demanding task. We work every day maintaining open source projects, we can help you on that task.


We have experience on Debian Packaging, we can package your software and tools to be ready for distribute and deploy.


Free & Open Source

We are compromised to Free and Open Source




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